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Are You Where You Want To Be Right Now In Your Business?
How do you find time for yourself when your main goal is to help other people?

Don’t get me wrong, I always had the intention of helping women reach the freedom they desired in their lives, but I needed to make sure that I had the time, money, and energy to bring others with me first. That includes building skills, leveraging systems, finding mentors, taking care of my mind and body, and in the end, having a profitable business. 

As women we are conditioned to be nurturing and caring and that follows us into our businesses without even knowing it. To put others before ourselves is important, but becomes dangerous when your resources of time, money, or energy are being emptied. 

What good is all the money in the world if you don’t have the energy to play with your children?

What will you do with a ton of free time if you don’t have the resources to do what you want during that time?

Here’s the thing though:

For me, I struggled with balancing my nurturing side with my business goals. It’s not something that naturally sorts itself out just because I started a business. It took a lot of time.

And my then boyfriend-now husband- and I dealt with it by moving to another country. We paved our own road and did a lot of it alone until we found a mentor that taught us how to regain our time which helped create the lifestyle we truly wanted. Mentors who took the time to explain to us, it was not “money” that is evil but “the love of money” that is.

For me, this was one of the first illusions I had to break in order to be able to follow through with the tasks necessary to run a successful business. I do believe before, because of my own limiting beliefs, I sabotaged my own success. Which, now that I look at it, was a bit selfish of me. 

I say that, because all along, I’ve always wanted to help people. That’s what Women Of Bliss, Lifestyle Alchemy events that include men too, & everything we do on a regular basis is all about. My brand literally is developed with the intention of helping to set humanity free. It’s the reason why we govern our business in a way, to know what to walk away from.

And to think, it began with overstanding, the true power in money. Is that it is a tool, to be used, society says we need it to pay for things like a roof over our head. (Bare with me here.) So, if by restricting myself from it because I was being a “better” person, made me even more dependent upon the system/society I don’t trust in the first place. Hmm, are you beginning to see why, for me, I had to break that cycle and understand there was nothing wrong with having a lot of money. Actually, it allows you to make different decisions, experience more and have more free time!

And I want the same for you!

You can bring your amazing products and services to a targeted audience and keep balance in your time, money, and energy.

The trick? 

I heard it called “filling up your cup first.” Imagine a tea cup on a saucer. Everything in the saucer is for you, but what overflows into the saucer is what you can give and share. You have to fill up your saucer first with your time, money, and energy before you are ready to give and share of your abundance. 

Now, don’t get this confused. You can start selling your products and services before your are a guru. Your cup being full has nothing to do with being an expert in everything you do or having a lot of money. Instead, it’s about your level of commitment to your personal growth. 

You don’t have to go at it alone or waste your time trying to figure out what you need to succeed. I am dedicated to ensuring that you have the time, business, and energy that will give you the most freedom in your life. To have someone call you within 48 hours about your goals and how to maximize your efforts, click here, and put yourself on the fast track to getting results.

Sometimes, you need to focus on yourself first. How are you supposed to lift up your fellow brother or sister if you are worried about paying for gas to get you to and from work?

That’s why I created the Women’s Alchemy Facebook group. It’s a place for women like you and me, who need to make sure we keep our cups full so we can:

-Have time freedom to do what is the most important
-Build businesses that bring abundance and freedom to our lives
-Feel the best physically and mentally

And most importantly…

Continue caring and nurturing those around us.

If I were still grinding and going “through the motions” of online marketing, and building an audience without finding ways to leverage my time or take care of my physical and spiritual bodies, you can bet that I would not have EVER been able to have the freedom I have in my life today. 

Some of you may have heard about Hurricane Irma that hit Florida in September. What you may not know is that my family was in Zone A in Tampa Bay. Zone A means mandatory evacuation. We live steps away from the ocean. Earlier that year, the pier was underwater from a “regular” rain storm, so we knew it would be most wise to relocate for the storm. We heard the news about airlines price gouging. We heard the stories about gas shortages throughout the state. We heard the stories about no flights being available. We saw the footage of completely filled highways. 

Through all this, we prepared. We bought jugs to fill with our K8 machine. We bought fruits and veggies that did not need to be refrigerated. I went to my mom’s house-thankfully she is not in an evacuation zone- and bought her water, fruits, veggies, and many non perishables.

Then, I looked for plane tickets for the following day out of Florida. My husband and I looked for the entire day. When we got to Denver, CO- our amazing friend and host- said, “Isn’t it great you had the opportunity to sit at the computer all day waiting for flights to refresh?”

That’s truly what we did, and he was right. My friends and family were at work when I was refreshing the American Airlines webpage. This is just one way that freedom manifests itself in my life. 

Are you ready to manifest greater levels of freedom in your life?

Here’s a few things you can do to get started now:

Join the private Facebook group: Women’s Alchemy Circle
Women’s Alchemy Circle is a place for women to meet, network, and stay motivated on their goals. D goes live to share life and business wisdom very often and hosts a weekly call on Thursdays at 11.11 am to make sure to stay in contact and provide new tips of the trade.

Get Ready For The Next Live Event
Currently less than $100 for 2 days of training in beautiful Tampa Bay. This event is different because it puts the power back in your hands by allowing you to design your schedule and pick which classes you want to learn, based on what your business needs.

Now, I’ve had some people email me to ask if the training in The Queen Series is right for them.

You might have some of the same questions, but hit the comments below and post there if you have a different question. 

Or, if you want to talk to a live person over here in Florida, then click this link and drop your number so I can have one of our powerful ladies give you a call back.

1.What if I don’t have a product or service yet, will these tools still be useful to me?

The beauty about learning skills is that they develop over time. If you’re going into e-commerce, you need to learn how to find a product, market that product, and make it scalable and it may not be the product you thought it would be. 

2.How much support will I get?

I respond personally in the Women’ Alchemy Circle. I also have a dedicated phone that my personal assistant answers. She's not just an assistant either. She’s also an entrepreneur that uses many of the same tools that you do. So, if you have a question, she’s able to answer it with experience.
Also, hear from some of the ladies that I've helped over the years:

Rhonda Hines

“What was my dream? I had felt that I had forgot."

Monthly Brunch

D meets locally every month with women to help them with their businesses.

Salina Baker

Shooting professional video with our film makers at a live event in Costa Rica.
Now, it is your time.

You need to decide if you are ready for a transformation in your life.
Is it worth it to pay the expenses to travel to go to the event to meet the people who are crushing their business goals and learn directly from them how they do it. Absolutely!

Is it always possible for us to pick up and go?

For that reason, we have finally released exclusive footage from the life-changing events we've hosted. Now you can access, the most sought-out subjects, from the people who are top in their field.

From topics like:

-Social Media
-Pinterest & Image Creation
-Video Marketing
-That's not all.

Every month, a new video from one of our events unlocks inside The Queen Series. This way you have the time to implement what you are learning, and connect to our Genius Support Team for help when you need it.

You also get access to a private group webinar each month with D Verrengia. This way, you can learn what is currently working, get your questions answered and learn first hand how to keep your business on track. The Queen Series will only be available for a limited time.

As a special gift, I want you to keep my ebook close to you. (It's already in your email waiting for you.) My intention as we wrote it was to share with you what is working in my business, what tools I am using, how much they cost, how often I use them and why. I believe budgeting a huge piece to business long-term success and why I go over it often.

For only $25 a month you have the opportunity to learn firsthand what is working in business online today. All I know is, my husband and I continue to pioneer in everything that we do. We've taught students in many industries how to duplicate our results of automation & leverage and we will continue to.

The only question is, are you willing to be one of the woman who say, "I've always been a Queen, now it's my time to show it."

30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
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